Source code for hendrics.colors

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst
"""Functions to calculate colors and hardness."""

import os
from astropy import log
from stingray.lightcurve import Lightcurve
import numpy as np
from .io import HEN_FILE_EXTENSION, load_events, save_lcurve
from .base import hen_root

[docs] def colors(): pass
[docs] def main(args=None): """Main function called by the `HENcolors` command line script.""" import argparse from .base import _add_default_args, check_negative_numbers_in_args description = "Calculate color light curves" parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=description) parser.add_argument("files", help="List of files", nargs="+") parser.add_argument( "-e", "--energies", nargs=4, required=True, type=float, help="The energy boundaries in keV used to calculate " "the color. E.g. -e 2 3 4 6 means that the " "color will be calculated as 4.-6./2.-3. keV. " "If --use-pi is specified, these are interpreted " "as PI channels", ) args = check_negative_numbers_in_args(args) _add_default_args(parser, ["bintime", "usepi", "output", "loglevel", "debug"]) args = parser.parse_args(args) files = args.files if args.debug: args.loglevel = "DEBUG" log.setLevel(args.loglevel) with log.log_to_file("HENcolors.log"): energies = [ [args.energies[0], args.energies[1]], [args.energies[2], args.energies[3]], ] if args.outfile is not None and len(files) > 1: raise ValueError("Specify --output only when processing " "a single file") for f in files: events = load_events(f) if not args.use_pi and is None: raise ValueError( "Energy information not found in file {0}. " "Use --use-pi if you want to use PI channels " "instead.".format(f) ) h_starts, h_stops, colors, color_errs = events.get_color_evolution( energy_ranges=energies, segment_size=args.bintime, use_pi=args.use_pi ) time = (h_starts + h_stops) / 2 scolor = Lightcurve( time=time, counts=colors, err=color_errs, input_counts=False, err_dist="gauss", gti=events.gti, dt=args.bintime, skip_checks=True, ) if args.outfile is None: label = "_E_" if args.use_pi: label = "_PI_" label += "{3:g}-{2:g}_over_{1:g}-{0:g}".format(*args.energies) args.outfile = hen_root(f) + label + HEN_FILE_EXTENSION scolor.e_intervals = np.asarray([float(k) for k in args.energies]) scolor.use_pi = args.use_pi save_lcurve(scolor, args.outfile, lctype="Color") print(args.outfile)