Source code for hendrics.timelags

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from astropy import log
from .io import load_pds
from .io import save_as_qdp
from .base import hen_root

[docs] def main(args=None): import argparse from .base import _add_default_args description = ( "Read timelags from cross spectrum results and save them" " to a qdp file" ) parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=description) parser.add_argument("files", help="List of files", nargs="+") _add_default_args(parser, ["loglevel", "debug"]) args = parser.parse_args(args) if args.debug: args.loglevel = "DEBUG" log.setLevel(args.loglevel) with log.log_to_file("HENlags.log"): filelist = [] for fname in args.files: cross = load_pds(fname) lag, lag_err = cross.time_lag() out = hen_root(fname) + "_lags.qdp" save_as_qdp([cross.freq, lag], [None, lag_err], filename=out) filelist.append(out) return filelist