hendrics Documentation

This is the documentation for hendrics.


hendrics Package

This is proposed as an Astropy affiliated package.



Fractional amplitude of modulation from pulsed fraction

a_from_ssig(ssig, ncounts)

Amplitude of a sinusoid corresponding to a given Z/PDS value

array_take(arr, indices)

Adapt np.take to arrays

njit(*args, **kws)

Equivalent to jit(nopython=True)


Pulsed fraction from fractional amplitude of modulation.

pf_from_ssig(ssig, ncounts)

Estimate pulsed fraction for a sinusoid from a given Z or PDS power.

pf_upper_limit(*args, **kwargs)

Upper limit on pulsed fraction, given a measured power in the PDS/Z search.

power_confidence_limits(preal[, n, c])

Confidence limits on power, given a (theoretical) signal power.

power_upper_limit(pmeas[, n, c])

Upper limit on signal power, given a measured power in the PDS/Z search.

ssig_from_a(a, ncounts)

Theoretical power in the Z or PDS search for a sinusoid of amplitude a.

ssig_from_pf(pf, ncounts)

Theoretical power in the Z or PDS for a sinusoid of pulsed fraction pf.


Run the tests for the package.

vectorize([ftylist_or_function, target, ...])

A decorator that creates a Numpy ufunc object using Numba compiled code.