Installation Instructions


You’ll need a recent python 3.8+ installation. The main dependency is

  1. Stingray,

which in turn depends on

  1. Numpy;

  2. Matplotlib;

  3. Scipy;

  4. Astropy

Optional but recommended dependencies are:

6. the netCDF 4 library with its python bindings;

  1. Numba;

  2. statsmodels

  3. emcee

  4. pint

You should also have a working HEASoft installation to produce the cleaned event files and to use XSpec.

Installing releases

$ pip install hendrics numba emcee statsmodels netcdf4 matplotlib stingray>=1.1

Installing the Development version


Download the distribution directory:

$ git clone


$ git clone

To update the software, just run

$ git pull

from the source directory (usually, the command gives troubleshooting information if this doesn’t work the first time).


Install the dependencies above; then, enter the distribution directory and run

$ pip install .

this will check for the existing dependencies and install the files in a proper way. From that point on, executables will be somewhere in your PATH and python libraries will be available in python scripts with the usual

import hendrics